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Ugly soaps

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I've always got a selection of uglies taking up my valuable and limited storage space so I have decided to open them up for purchase by kind hearted souls that can see beyond a soaps appearance.

They may have small holes, edges chipped off, a few grams short of my minimum weight (170g), weirdly shaped or just not up to standard for the full priced packaged life. They have the same skin loving ingredients, just a little homely looking.

If you would like the full list of ingredients you'll need to check out their individual listings, but here is a brief description of each variety:

DIRTY HIPPIE: orange, patchouli, lemongrass & sandalwood.
GAIA: patchouli, geranium, balsam Peru & cinnamon leaf.
HONKY TONK: lemon, neroli & ginger.
LUMBERJACK: pine, cypress, cedarwood & bergamot.
CITRUS SPICE: orange, cinnamon & clove
GREASE MONKEY: pumice scrub with cinnamon & orange.
GROUNDING: cedarwood, rosewood & vetiver.
TULSI TEA: holy basil, neroli & orange.
GREEN THUMB: gardeners scrub with corn grits, peppermint & orange.
DAILY DETOX: activated charcoal face bar with lavender, tea tree, Rosemary & clary sage.
LEMONY SNICKET: facial bar with lemon and poppy seed.
GODDESS: oatmilk soap with lavender, lemongrass & Rosemary.
BOONDOCKS: jersey cow milk with lavender, vanilla and oatmeal.
PLAIN JANE: unscented oatmilk soap with bentonite clay.
SHAMPOO: with lavender, lemon, Rosemary & peppermint.
ROSEHIP RETREAT: lavender, geranium & patchouli with Rosehip oil.
PET SOAP: great for fleas and ticks.
TUTTI FRUTTI: lemon, orange, grapefruit & lime
LOVE POTION: lavender, geranium, sandalwood & vanilla.

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