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My Story

Fair & Square Soapery was born out of a desire to create high quality, luxury products for everyday use. I wanted to bring simplicity into my life without compromising on quality. I have always been intrigued with how our ancestors lived wholesome, simple and often very healthy lives, and take real pride in creating a product that has been in manufacture since the beginning of human civilisation. A lot has changed in the last few thousand years of technological progression, but soap has always been a main stay in the course of the human life.  

The traditional technique of cold process soap making is both a science and an art and I love the challenge that this brings to every small batch I make. I am passionate about creating a product with natural ingredients because nature has such an abundance of stunning products to offer. And of course by refraining from the chemicals and synthetic fragrances you can be sure that it is good for your body and the environment. 

 I am a mother to two young children, wife to a wonderful husband and carer and friend to a host of animals on our small lifestyle block on the eastern coast of Northland, New Zealand. I make my soaps from the kitchen of our small home with the dream of one day having a beautiful purpose built studio. 

Soaping is my passion and my craft but it hasn’t always been plain sailing.  I’ve tried and failed many times, and even now, nearly ten years into my soapy journey I still fail miserably at times and end up with an entire batch of @#$%^. My two year old daughter likes to watch me soap and has picked up a few unsavoury expressions. Wont be winning any mother of the year awards but I hope that the memories of watching me work will stay with her and encourage her to pursue her passions throughout her life too. 

It is my dream to be able to make a living doing something that makes my customers and myself very happy. To everyone who has supported me over the years; I can’t express enough gratitude that you have helped path the way for this to become a reality, so THANK YOU!

x Carly

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